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Bam-Bam is a contemporary painter and multi-disciplinary visual artist of mixed French, Moroccan, and Scottish heritage, raised in England and currently living in Indonesia. 

Bam-Bam is a visual storyteller whose work draws on image, shape, colour and narrative to create visionary expressions. She loves how painting can transform the stuff of everyday life into vibrant and imaginative visual languages. At the heart of Bam-Bam’s aesthetic is a desire to revitalise the spaces and surfaces with vivid patterns and designs. 

Whether she’s working on a mural, street art, a commission or collaboration, Bam-Bam embraces each project with an open mind and an appreciation of flow. For Bam-Bam, art-making is an intimate choreography with the movements and rhythms of the world and its inhabitants. Bam-Bam’s process is meditative and carefully conceived at the same time as it is highly adaptable and intuitive. She fuses traditional and contemporary styles, frequently employing bold geometric patterns. She works across a variety of materials and surfaces, using spray paints, stencils, prints, and pigments, leaving marks and brush-strokes on bodies, abandoned buildings, paper, textiles, and other canvases. Bam-Bam has also developed many of her designs into wearable art and décor. 

For Bam-Bam, painting is public performance. There is a robust theatricality to Bam-Bam’s painting practice, which involves characters and costumes in the development of each work. Often, these fantastic and fictional personas liberate Bam-Bam from constraints and allow her imagination to run wild. As a result, many of Bam-Bam’s paintings express vivid psychedelic imagery that evokes a sense of fantasy, wonder, and euphoria.  

Bam Bam studied at Chelsea Arts School in 2007, followed by The Slade School of Fine Art, London, where she specialised in Sculpture. She then followed a career in prop-making and scenic painting till a few years ago when she began creating her own designs and following a more personal vision. 

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